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The north see spa is on the east friesen north sea coast opposite the islands of Spiekeroog and Wangerooge.

Our holiday flats are located in quiet central areas close to the beach and harbour. It is only a few minutes by foot to the centre of Carolinensiel.
In the village there are several good restaurants, cafes pubs and holiday attractions.
You can reach everything comfortably with our bicycles.
The surrounding villages can be visited via well established bicycle tracks, so that you can leave your car parked.

The spa-center "Cliner Quelle" offers all the possibilities for swimming and sauna pleasure. The salt water bath is heated to 30°C and the junior fun area offers a 32 m slide with wellness, sport, fun and fitness.

From the harbour there are day trips to Wangeooge and Spiekeroog as well as special trips to Helgoland.

Bicycle tours

We are pleased to provide bicycle maps with various tours free of charge, and to advise you.


The local sailing school at the harbour. Various sailing trips are on offer.


Heated salt water open air swimming pool. Even at low tide the cold wet element can be enjoyed.


Our Siel Harbour museum always has something new for old and young alike. Always worth a visit.

Brewery in Jever

The brewery in Jever is open to conducted tours and subsequent tasting.

Watt excursions

Excursions over the watt is terrific fun and very informative as the biotope “wattenmeer” is explained. A must – do!


Die Kinder keschern mit großer Freude und beäugen Ihren fischigen Fund!

Playgrounds Playhouses

There are playgrounds all over Carolinensiel. If the weather is bad, there are various play-houses as an alternative.

Trips to the islands

The islands of Wangerooge and Spikeroog can be visited from Harlesiel. A day on the island is a great experience. Pure nature.

Flying kites

As the wind always blows, this east friesen sport is always possible. One must just be careful not to take off!

Waggon trips

From the saddle or relaxed in the waggon is the best way to learn to love our landscape.


The steamboat Concordia travels several times a day on the river Harle between our 3 harbours. A unique experience.

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